Real Estate Glossary Q

Qualified fee - An estate in fee, which is subject to certain limitations imposed by the owner.

Qualifying ratiosĀ  - Lenders compute qualifying ratios to determine how much a potential buyer can borrow.

Quantity survey - A method of estimating construction cost or reproduction cost; a highly technical process used in arriving at the cost estimate of new construction and sometimes referred to in the building trade as the price takeoff method.

Queen Anne style - A Victorian era style that originated in San Francisco. era style that originated in San Francisco.

Quiet enjoyment - The right of a new owner or a lessee legally in possession to uninterrupted use of the property without interference from the former owner, lessor or any third party claiming superior title.

Quiet title action - A circuit court action intended to establish or settle the title to a particular property, especially where there is a cloud on the title.